The path of surrender… the way of transcendance… the rising of Divine Truth

Life Force Activation is a direct transmission of pure life force energy. It is a spiritual process of elevation, self-realization and awakening of your own divine energy. Une Life Force Activation (ou « Kundalini Activation ») est une invitation à s’abandonner et à devenir Un avec les hautes fréquences de sa propre magie intérieure.

Life Force energy, prani, chi, represents our infinite multidimensional potential, waiting to manifest. It is our inner portal to All That Is.

When the power of your life force awakens, a complete rewiring begins: releasing everything that doesn't serve you, activating the gifts of your soul... you are about to reveal your truest version, most real and most powerful of yourself. This energy that rises inside gives you power, the power of the Creator Heart of infinite potentials.


HEKA PORTALS LIFE FORCE ACTIVATION & IMPERSONAL DIMENSION is a new and unique transmission that I offer and which unites life force energy (known as Kundalini) with the impersonal dimension as its foundation : the absolute space which goes further than light, frequency and energy, and closer to Source, in which a biological and systemic reconfiguration occurs instantly. This is the future of medicine, and the more time you spend in this deep space, the more the miracle will live within you. (more infos here).


During an Activation, I open a portal of light, creating a vortex of intensified light frequency, I surrender completely to the divine, just like you, letting the frequency & the Field guide my movements and my sounds. You simply open up and fully welcome the experience.

During a HEKA PORTALS Life Force Activation, you receive several transmissions simultaneously: 

• Pure life force energy
• Light Language
• Coded sound frequencies
• Coded geometric forms
• Impersonal Dimension

These are all vessels of very high cosmic codes for you. Your system resonates and starts to adapt naturally. Your vibration increases and you feel a return to the original harmony of your spiritual essence. This divine energy is incredibly intelligent and will purify and activate exactly what you need on all levels: physical, energetic, spiritual, mental and emotional.

Each transmission is a powerful initiation which allows an awakening of your life force in love and softness. It is a natural energy transmission, without any force or ego control. It is the path of deep remembrance and reconnection to the Source, allowing your transcendence. It is neither Kundalini Yoga nor Kundalini Breathwork.

This powerful elevation of your vibration allows you to access a connection to Unity through pure resonance and opening of the impersonal dimension. It is the path of absolute trust and Faith... the fusion of the infinite with the finite, the path of the great truth of your existence, allowing this total awakening, this new level of Consciousness, integrated and embodied.

Immerse yourself in this magical moment that connects you to a deeper understanding of your authentic Self, dissolving old limitations and opening your being to greater wholeness. This experience is the key to freeing yourself, transforming your vibration & embodying your light in all dimensions.

Open yourself to your true essence, awaken your spiritual gifts & abilities, surrender to the Source of who you are, who we are. Become WHOLE again. Your journey starts here ♡

No prior experience of any kind is necessary. All you need is an openness to receive and the willingness to surrender to your very essence.

the Benefits of activating your divine energy

⋗ connection to your divine essence, to Source, to the divine
⋗ expansion of your consciousness & your perceptions of reality
⋗ access to the impersonal dimension: non-duality, unity, instantaneity
⋗ activation of your aliveness, your vibrance
⋗ elevation of your vibrational frequency

⋗ letting go & surrender to the beauty of life
⋗ relief of stress and tensions stucked in your body
⋗ regulation & harmonization
of your nervous system
⋗ opening
⋗ t
ranscendence of linear time
⋗ liberation of mental, emotional blockages & end of cycle of trauma
end of karmic cycles
⋗ purification of your energy channels & alignment of your energy centers
activation & global harmonization
⋗ expansion of your capacity to live and welcome / respond to life
deep state of peace, calm, intense happiness, bliss
renewal, rebirth
awakening of your Creator power
awakening of your spiritual powers: gifts, intuition, light language, parallel life memories
⋗ opening of the subtle & angelic worlds
⋗ multi-dimensional presence

opening of your magnetic field: abundance, non-duality, resonance, infinite possibilities
⋗ clarity & life purpose
⋗ state of absolute Unity
⋗ embody your divinity and your mission on Earth
⋗ transformation
⋗ divine alignment as your life, pure Grace
participate in the collective ascension of humanity & Earth
. . .


qu'est-ce que la life force energy (dite kundalini) ?

Explore all informations here : https://sophiesunflow.com/kundalini-divine-energy/ https://sophiesunflow.com/kundalini-divine-energy/

What is the difference between an online and in-person activation?

The differences between in-person and online activation are very slight. It may be difficult to understand until you experience it, but there is no time or space in the quantum field. You will feel my energy and I will feel your resonance as if we were in the same room. Online streaming can even make you feel safer because you're in a more private & select environment.

What to expect during a Heka Activation?

1. Introduction & Preparation 10min
2. Meditation 5min
3. Energy Activation 55min
4. Integration & Return 5min
5. Sharing circle 20min


All you have to do is lie down on a floor mat, relax, and completely surrender to the experience.

Surrender, relaxation and setting aside the mind is the most important thing to know about this transmission because there is nothing to "do".

Music will be played and I will open the space with a specific energy frequency and unique field, allowing your own life energy to activate.

You will keep your eyes closed throughout the session. You don't have to do anything but just receive and let the magic happen… without expecting anything.

Your energy can be expressed in several ways through your physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies: movements spontaneous to emotional catharsis, liberations, activations, through the vision of lights, colors and other images, messages from the Source, or even deep feelings of happiness, ecstasy, bliss, states not duels of a new depth…

Receiving this transmission consists of allowing everything that arises within you, in this unique moment, to be experienced and expressed, whether subtle or intense.

Whatever the expression of energy, the most important thing is not to analyze it, but to stay in the moment and let be what needs to be.

You are safe and the space created will always give you exactly what you need.

Some consider this transmission as a purifying and liberating experience, or one that gives them deep inspirations and realizations, others feel it as a transcendent experience of their entire existence.

An interesting fact is that all you experience during a transmission is only 10% of the transformation that actually occurs...the most dramatic change that occurs is all the magic that unfolds within you and your life at the following this moment.

It is truly beyond anything words can explain. It's the experience itself de ta divinité.

So, now, I simply invite you to come and experience this magic for yourself and let your essence awaken ♡

Is Kundalini dangerous?

Unfortunately, Kundalini sometimes has a reputation for being dangerous. Most people who share these stories are not people who have had a real natural kundalini experience. This energy is very purifying and transformative. It offers the possibility of making deeper and faster changes in your life. So sometimes integration becomes more difficult when big traumas/memories are purified. It is in a very small number of cases that the person will feel a negative effect. This only happens when people work aggressively with the energy, or are not supported by a knowledgeable mentor.

can kundalini heal me?

Here, true healing is Transcendence.

Instead of just healing the physical/emotional symptoms/trauma, etc. (which is bound to happen)

It is about healing the cause, healing the dissonance in human beings which causes all negative and traumatic situations in the first place: transcending the human experience, illuminating our hearts and therefore our world.


Do not consume any drugs, medicinal plants, psychedelics, heavy medications, alcohol or tabas at least 48 hours before and 48 after the session.

Une Kundalini Activation n’est pas adaptée pour :
– les enfants de moins de 18 ans
– les femmes enceintes avant 3 mois et après 6 mois de grossesse
– les personnes souffrant de maladies mentales lourdes

your integration after an activation ♡

It is best to have time off to allow the body to rest and your system to process the experience. You might need more time alone, in a quiet place, as your system might be much more sensitive in the days that follow.


– Allow time and space to rest after
– Listen even more carefully to your body's needs
– Your sensitivity may be heightened in the days that follow, be patient & gentle with yourself
– Use water (drink, shower, bath) to purify & help harmonize your energy
– Read the advices given in your follow-up email & contact me if you need any support

I also recommend finding a community of people initiated into these activations with whom you can share your experiences. Many changes in your life will begin to occur as you continue to experience the purification of this energy and it is essential to have support through this.

You will find even more resources in the RESOURCES link just after ♡

when can i book my next Activation?

I recommend exposing yourself to this frequency several times if you feel drawn to the process. The density of our bodies detaches & is released in layers. So the more you experience it, the more the body will begin to trust and an even deeper liberation will take place.

Each transmission will be different depending on your body and your energy at that moment. The more you receive this process, the more your system trusts, relaxes and surrenders to the magic of who you are, awakening you to whole new levels.

Trust yourself, and follow your body's natural calls to know how much & when, your intuition will always be right ♡

How can I be notified of upcoming online sessions & events?

Vidéo d’introduction • Français

introduction video • english


I am Sophie, Facilitator in transition to the true Self & Creator of Heka Portals.

For years I have been consciously journeying on my spiritual path and exploring this beautiful, multidimensional human life. For several years I have been experiencing the most profound spiritual transformation of my life, inner and outer, as a transcendence of my existence, a pure and absolute reconnection to the Source energy that animates us all.

And this powerful awakening, I owe it to the awakening of my vital energy & access to the impersonal dimension of life. For more than three years I have been bathing & merging with divine energy and my whole being is adjusting its frequency more and more to unity & harmony. It's part of me today, I experience everything from this vibrant and vast space. By receiving my initiations and abandoning myself with reverence to the highest light, I saw my whole being and my whole life open to abundance, at all levels, and my inner world bathed in total alignment. .

So by following the clear & deep call of my heart, of this powerful energy in me, I chose to dedicate my life to transmitting this magic, this sacred frequency that changes everything. It is my service, my mission to participate in raising the frequency on Earth by opening this interdimensional portal.

So today I invite you to explore the infinite dimensions together through Life Force Activation & Impersonal Dimensions online, in person & Retreats & Trainings around the World. 

My greatest joy is to rise together in this worldwide transcendence and ascension. It starts with you...your awakening, your expansion, your reconnection.

With all my love, Sophie Sun ✨