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Heka Portals came as a powerful guidance I received as a new mission while I was meditating by the Nile in Egypt this year. This creation is a pathway for bringing forward the Highest Light through inter dimensional portals infused by my unique energy imprint & signature.

Heka Portal is deisgned to open your field wider than ever, expanding to the remembrance of who you really are, to the embodiment of the magic I AM being that you are. As we each remember this, we move forward side by side building the golden future together, open & ready.

So why this name Heka Portals | kundalini activation & stellar dimensions ?
It came to me intuitively, and when I look at the ancient egyptian meaning, it all makes sense.

Heka : ĥek’äwεt – it is the power behind the gods, the primordial force present at the beginning of the world’s creation. It is the Magic, the Force, the power of Nature, the power of the divine flowing through all things. Heka is the embodiment of the concept of magic.
Portals : I open portals of light for you to remember and integrate your divinity. Each space is designed to expand your consciousness + transcend your existence into its highest expression • fully embodied. Heka Portals is about you experiencing that You are the Portal, You are the true Magic and you can create anything.

Kundalini Activation : the rising of your divine life force energy is a major step towards embodying your divine presence • these activations are offered regularly online & in person
Stellar : ˈstɛlə/ – outstanding, wonderful, praise to the divine
Dimensions : deep dive into all your subtle unknown parts for you to harness your multi-dimensional power, through all realms at once, here and now

In service of the highest Light frequency, inspired by cosmic technologies and descending from the lineage of Isis, goddess of power & magic, I am honored and bless to invite you beyond the human limitations and into the magic dimension of miracle living

Every one of my transmissions is embedded by the power of pure life force energy, light language codes, elevated cosmic sound + form frequencies & impersonal dimension.. through my presence, my voice, my movements, my geometry. I act in full surrender to the intelligence of Source, for you to receive your initiation.

You can taste this magic in 1:1 + Group Transmissions, as well as the Facilitator Trainings + Initiation Journeys I offer Online, in Bali & in Egypt.

I am a Portal of Light, and so are You.

All initiates of Heka Portals Trainings are also carrying this high frequency in the world and rippling effect the beauty of feeling alive, connected and in alignement with All that is to everyone joining their sessions. If you wish to find a Heka Facilitator in your country, you can check the list below to find them in your city.

Together we rise.

I love You.

List heka world • kundalini facilitators
  • Anja – AUSTRIA
  • Kiren – UK
  • Meven – THAILAND
  • Gwenola – FRANCE
  • Caroline – SINGAPOUR
  • Laura Cunnife – UK
  • Elise Frémy – NEW CALEDONIA
  • Viri – BALI
  • Aurélie – BALI
  • Alissa Sunshine – USA
  • Celina – BALI
  • Ilona Cepelakova – CZECH REPUBLIC & BALI • +420604458159 • @ilonasoulsessions
  • David – BALI
  • Cassis – BALI
  • Emilia – FINLAND
  • Michaela – GERMANY
  • Vera Sakhi – GERMANY
  • Sheila – IBIZA
  • Akacia – UK • whataspp +44 7362409667 • IG @earthwhispers___
  • Priscilla – FRANCE
  • Gabriella – PORTUGAL
  • Thomas Licou – FRANCE
more on the instagram of heka portals ✨

I’m Sophie, I live in Bali and all over the world, and I guide you through direct high frequencies experiences & transmissions.

I am honored to guide you today in expanding your essence and activating your full potential. Seeing you blossom with magic, embracing grace & ease, aligning your blueprint and merging with the most precious parts of your true Self is pure happiness for me.

So thank you for trusting me, for trusting the field, the energy, for listening to the callings & guidance of your heart, and thank you for having the courage to surrender to the magic of who you are.

Here you will find all the spaces in which I welcome you to activate your inner transformations & live in the beauty of your original harmony.
All you have to do is come into full presence, open up, and surrender to the divine.

With all my love,

Beyond Activation by Heka Portals

The spaces I open with each Transmission – online & in person is the fusion between Life Force Activation & Impersonal Dimension.

HEKA PORTALS LIFE FORCE ACTIVATION & IMPERSONAL DIMENSION is a new and unique transmission that I offer and which unites life force energy (known as Kundalini) with the impersonal dimension as its foundation : the absolute space which goes further than light, frequency and energy, and closer to Source, in which a biological and systemic reconfiguration occurs instantly. This is the future of medicine, and the more time you spend in this deep space, the more the miracle will live within you. (more infos here).

I channel, facilitate and teach a direct transmission of intensified vital energy & biological reconfiguration Field, that activates your latent divine Design. It is a spiritual process that awakens the vital energy that exists within each of us.

Once active, this force heals you back into WHOLENESS, by moving you into higher states of consciousness, reconnecting you to your essence and your infinite potential.

Awakening your divine energy & stellar Field connects you to the sacred, to the Source of all Creation, but more importantly, it allows you to live your life with grace, ease, joy, abundance, alignment and expansion.

I offer a powerful initiation to transition to the I AM.

• Experiencing the ALIVENESS of your vital energy awakening inside of your body ••• your senses opening, your vibrancy expanding, your light growing

• Accessing the MYSTICAL worlds of unthinkable magic and experiences of the Subtle

• Going beyond… and giving in to the most profound dimension of your Self ••• becoming NOTHING, to become EVERYTHING

In between the expressive music and the absolute silent depth
In between the vibrant body here and the spacious void everywhere
Your life force energy marrying the absolute Self, connecting you to the divine healer within

• Allowing the fusion of all things in one moment, in One body, One energy, One substance

Entering the Field

Power • Truth • Love


I am Sophie, Facilitator in transition to the true Self & Creator of Heka Portals.

For years I have been consciously journeying on my spiritual path and exploring this beautiful, multidimensional human life. For several years I have been experiencing the most profound spiritual transformation of my life, inner and outer, as a transcendence of my existence, a pure and absolute reconnection to the Source energy that animates us all.

And this powerful awakening, I owe it to the awakening of my vital energy & access to the impersonal dimension of life. For more than three years I have been bathing & merging with divine energy and my whole being is adjusting its frequency more and more to unity & harmony. It's part of me today, I experience everything from this vibrant and vast space. By receiving my initiations and abandoning myself with reverence to the highest light, I saw my whole being and my whole life open to abundance, at all levels, and my inner world bathed in total alignment. .

So by following the clear & deep call of my heart, of this powerful energy in me, I chose to dedicate my life to transmitting this magic, this sacred frequency that changes everything. It is my service, my mission to participate in raising the frequency on Earth by opening this interdimensional portal.

So today I invite you to explore the infinite dimensions together through Life Force Activation & Impersonal Dimensions online, in person & Retreats & Trainings around the World. 

My greatest joy is to rise together in this worldwide transcendence and ascension. It starts with you...your awakening, your expansion, your reconnection.

With all my love, Sophie Sun ✨

If you want to contact me you can message me here:

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I am happy to share this frequency all over the world and even more happy to co-create spaces of magic with beautiful souls. If you want to collaborate on a retreat or other project, I invite you to contact me here ♡

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