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The path of Infinite Love

Impersonal Dimension invites you into a profound realm beyond the constraints of everyday perception by entering the Field where all consciousness is. Through embracing silence and tapping into trust and calmness in the vastness of the void, you rediscover an entry point that your body may have long forgotten.

This non dualistic dimension is the next level of the work you may have been doing with your life force / kundalini energy.
You can see this difference as the Kundalini Energy in your body is the bridge to all upper & lower dimensions of the being and the Impersonal Dimension is what is on the other side after you cross the bridge positionned in the upper dimensions, the only place where consciousness is capable of penetrating you and updating your systems on all levels. 

Impersonal Dimension is the direct experience of ultimate truth, freeing us from the limitations of the personal ego self, immersing us in infinite non dual divinity. It holds in itself the quality to vitalize life like life giving Force.

Kundalini Activation allows many benefits such as connecting & opening your physical & energetic bodies, freeing you from old densities and moving you by your natural expression… like an extasy dance activating your inner aliveness.
While Impersonal Dimension allows you to dissolve into oneness & access the ultimate level of consciousness, by becoming one with All that is, with the Field : the place where all systems reconfigurate on the harmony / health frequency. 

With this portal, you simply go deeper and beyond the personal self, beyond the energy, into the Substance of the Divine. The Substance contains the energy, it is what is beyond the life force. This Field we open here is the pulse of Life itself.

Health is the quality of our natural beingness. By immersing yourself in the Field of Consciousness, you transcend linear time, allowing your body to undergo a process of self-healing and recalibration on all biological, energetic, and spiritual levels.

The Field is where we have a natural ability to rebuild. Being in this state allows us to rejuvenate and realign in harmony. Letting go of the linear mind that needs to know how and release control. The Field and your body lead you to a stable pulse where your body will find balance by itself.


During an Impersonal Dimension session, you might be standing, seating or laying down, depending on what the Field wants.
We start looking into each others eyes. I then will ask you to close your eyes as I find the entry point for you to connect to the Field.
We will both surrender into the depth of our being, allowing the Field to guide you to reconnect with your true essence, facilitating a transformation that will extend into your daily life.

There is no prescribed method or technique; rather, you are invited to surrender and to explore the limitless possibilities that unfold when you release control and trust in the innate intelligence of the Field and your own body, allowing them to lead you to a stable pulse where balance and healing can naturally occur.

I will act as an antenna, opening the field of the substance for you.
Once the Field is open, it is taking you out of the linear time, to inhabit the space, void, and silence; opening a doorway for the divine that is you.

This portal I open is a space allowing the miracle to happen, the new information to arrive in your space and rewrite the old information that has been over to start a new story in your being. It reconfigurates your DNA almost instantly, through all dimensions. This is what we call miracle.

Your being will connect to its true center and start to remember its own harmony and resourcefulness to heal itself. We do not work with energy.

Once fully surrendered to oneself with the courage to let go, it is in the nothingness is where everything is possible.

You access the meta consciousness = beyond consciousness. In that state the body knows what to do to reconfigurate listening to the field. Every movement and stillness is a part of that.

Transcendance only happens when you connect to your impersonal self. The impersonal You is pure Consciousness. Consciousness is where all appearances dissolve. Becoming it again is bringing all the changes necessary to bring back to coherence every part of you that was distorted : biology, cells, energy, centers, field, thoughts, emotions. Your subconscious will know what to do for you to feel great, and these modulations happen while you are in the Field.

Each impersonal movement you might experience while you are in the Field, activate different parts of your brain you usually don’t use. They all reconfigurate particular parts of your body, mind, soul.

Surrendering and having no expectations of the session is the KEY.


In the silence there is something else… a calling… will you have the courage to hear it ?

Embrace what comes up and let your body express it and let it go.


Duration : 44 minutes

Price : 111€

Which transmission do you want to book?

7 + 14 =


• Creates coherence in all levels

• The Field is / brings Consciousness

• Unify all dimensions of you : personal, impersonal, transpersonal, inner, outer

• Connects your genoma to your environment : adapts your biology to thrive in your environment

• Organization of the dynamic flow that regulates biological functions

• Self-healing and bio-regulation of the organism : the Field feeds you vibrationally and mineraly if something is lacking in your body

• Hormonal Balance

• Physical, emotional, mental, energetic merging with the field as one

• Remembrance of who you are, coming back to your origin, closest to Source

• Pure Love experience, pure joy, bliss

• Connection to Oneness

• Accessing true balance

• Deep relaxation & profound peace

• Integration of your Life Force energy

• Regulation of your Nervous System : creates a harmonizing field for your sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous systems

• Transcendence of linear time

• Recalibration, modulation, realignement & reconfiguration

• Completes the incomplete in past present future (cycles, karma…)

• Unblocking of old structures

• Upgrade of the entire design

• Opening your perceptions of reality

• Interconnection & syntony with all natural elements & kingdoms

• Mystical experience

• Trust and surrender


How do I prepare to receive the transmission?
  • wear vêtements confortables et retire ta montre
  • eats little or not at all 3 hours before the session
  • no coffee, alcohol, or use of other substances a few days before
  • plan a good connection wifi
  • download the app Zoom and create an account if you don't have one
  • you will listen to music on Zoom, be prepared to listen to it with good wireless headphones or connect to a speaker to have the best possible sound
  • have a comfortable yoga mat to lie on
  • provide enough light in the room where you are
  • arrive a few minutes early for the zoom and settle into your space
  • Come with an open mind & heart
  • Do not be disturbed and make sure you have privacy.

I can't wait to see you there ♡

your integration after an activation ♡

It is best to have time off to allow the body to rest and your system to process the experience. You might need more time alone, in a quiet place, as your system might be much more sensitive in the days that follow.


– Allow time and space to rest after
– Listen even more carefully to your body's needs
– Your sensitivity may be heightened in the days that follow, be patient & gentle with yourself
– Use water (drink, shower, bath) to purify & help harmonize your energy
– Read the advices given in your follow-up email & contact me if you need any support

I also recommend finding a community of people initiated into these activations with whom you can share your experiences. Many changes in your life will begin to occur as you continue to experience the purification of this energy and it is essential to have support through this.

You will find even more resources in the RESOURCES link just after ♡

when can i book my next Activation?

I recommend exposing yourself to this frequency several times if you feel drawn to the process. The density of our bodies detaches & is released in layers. So the more you experience it, the more the body will begin to trust and an even deeper liberation will take place.

Each transmission will be different depending on your body and your energy at that moment. The more you receive this process, the more your system trusts, relaxes and surrenders to the magic of who you are, awakening you to whole new levels.

Trust yourself, and follow your body's natural calls to know how much & when, your intuition will always be right ♡

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I am Sophie, Facilitator in transition to the true Self & Creator of Heka Portals.

For years I have been consciously journeying on my spiritual path and exploring this beautiful, multidimensional human life. For several years I have been experiencing the most profound spiritual transformation of my life, inner and outer, as a transcendence of my existence, a pure and absolute reconnection to the Source energy that animates us all.

And this powerful awakening, I owe it to the awakening of my vital energy & access to the impersonal dimension of life. For more than three years I have been bathing & merging with divine energy and my whole being is adjusting its frequency more and more to unity & harmony. It's part of me today, I experience everything from this vibrant and vast space. By receiving my initiations and abandoning myself with reverence to the highest light, I saw my whole being and my whole life open to abundance, at all levels, and my inner world bathed in total alignment. .

So by following the clear & deep call of my heart, of this powerful energy in me, I chose to dedicate my life to transmitting this magic, this sacred frequency that changes everything. It is my service, my mission to participate in raising the frequency on Earth by opening this interdimensional portal.

So today I invite you to explore the infinite dimensions together through Life Force Activation & Impersonal Dimensions online, in person & Retreats & Trainings around the World. 

My greatest joy is to rise together in this worldwide transcendence and ascension. It starts with you...your awakening, your expansion, your reconnection.

With all my love, Sophie Sun ✨