I am happy to present this new creation for you:

A School of Mysteries: a sacred space dedicated to your Transformation & your Ascension

Transcend your reality through the integration of luminous wisdoms & practices, by raising your energy, by exploring your life force, your Kundalini, this divine essence within you to embody your multi-dimensionality.

Every month, I will give you several live appointments (& replay) where I will share with you luminous information, practices, tools, understandings, all the CODES to merge with your Divine Essence, this Harmonious and Elevated Presence in you, in order to truly embody your spiritual power and live a life of abundance, synchronicities, miracles & ease.

This space is a pure service from my heart to your heart, entirely channeled and guided by the highest energies, in order to accompany you on your path of ascension by giving you the simple & magical keys to embody this high version of yourself and experience your limitless potential, in divine alignment with All.


ascension & transformation
instant transmutation
awareness and alignment to your essence, your divine inner presence
activation & integration of your kundalini
inner mastery & energy mastery
encoding & transmutation
empowered surrender
Divine Love as a state of being & practice
spiritual discipline
gift & service for humanity
identification with your essence & conscious alignment
quantum resonance & divine alignment
manifest like breathe
divine gratitude & unlimited happinessworking with the Ascended Masters
connection to your intuition & your guides
channeling secrets
raise your vibration
fusion of dimensions within you
non-duality & unity
integration into your daily life
create sacred foundations within you
celebration & maintenance of this high frequency
… and so much more

This School of Mysteries is a pure Activation Portal, a unique energy vortex.
You will also have access to videos, pdfs and audios that will support our live expansion work.


I leave myself completely free to be crossed by the spontaneous inspiration as for all that will be added.

The intention of “The Rising Sun • Mystery School” is to create the space for the divine to come and teach us his finest wisdom, for the greater good of all. Let us be seeded by this magnificent light, from Source, which pulsates through us. Let us become Sovereigns of our entire Being, here & beyond.