Bali, Indonesia

Hello beautiful being, so wonderful that you signed up for the Kundalini Rising Retreat! I am so pleased to welcome you in this unique and beautiful adventure !

Thank you for following your heart and thank you for trusting me. We’re gonna go on a beautiful journey together! ♥️✨

Are you ready to experience your essence energy of light during a transformative retreat ? Are you ready to reconnect to every dimension of you and remember who you truly are ? Are you ready to remember the magic in every cell ?

Location : Bali Eco Stay, Tabanan – Bali


our retreat space

Our retreat opening on Day 1 is at 3pm.

You are more than welcome to arrive early that morning to ground and have lunch in the restaurant.

I will have your names linked to your rooms at reception. They will guide you with check in process from 11am.

There are 2 private waterfalls at our space. When you arrive I’d recommend exploring the resource book they have about the lodge and please feel free to explore something if you feel to. 


There is 1 airport in Bali it is called Ngurah Rai International Airport. There is a few steps involved when landing in Bali.

After you embark the plane : 
STEP 1 : you will be be guided to VOA visa on arrival (€35 for 30days) ,
STEP 2 : immigration. Youll be asked for your passport and they may ask for your vaccination, reason for visiting ( retreat ) and proof of travel insurance.
STEP 3 : Collect baggage.
STEP 4 : Customs – connect to the WiFi and Qr scan the customs form or use one of the computers to fill out the form. Then que to scan the customs code. Everyone must do this even if you are not declaring anything.
STEP 5 : Atm , money exchange and adapter technology shop, and sim card are available if needed. I’d recommend getting some cash out and if you need any plugs or wires for your devices to work in Bali (the eco lodge don’t have any).
STEP 6 : walk out to taxi area. You are welcome to walk out to taxi bay and get one there or prebook one in advance.
It takes about 2hrs to get from the airport to the Eco Lodge (there might be more traffic).


A light fruit breakfast will be served in the restaurant every morning before we start, then we will have lunch & dinner buffets of raw & cooked vegan food & fruit bar (all gluten free, vegan, mostly sugar free) – if you have other special requirments & allergies, thank you for letting me know. Trust me, food at the lodge is absolutely amazing!


Wifi is available everywhere in the lodge. You are more than welcome to also get a simcard at the airport.


Sophie : +6281237046864
John (owner of Bali Eco Stay) : +6281338042326


• Comfortable clothes that make you feel free & amazing
• Jumper/hoodie + pants for the evenings
• a sarong can be nice
• earplugs for the night
• clothes for yoga & gentle movement
• something for the altar so it will be charged with the magic of the retreat
• Suncream
• Swimming suit
• Eye mask (optional for Kundalini Activation Sessions)
• Re-usable water bottle
• Device Adapters
• Rupiah/Cash

This healing is intense and we must allow correct preparation and integration before & after the sessions, so no smoking, alcohol or drugs during the retreat. Thank you.

Come as you are, all of you is so welcome here

I will share on the first day a bit more about our beautiful schedule, a lot of goodness will be unfolding as we go, so my invitation for you is to lean into trusting the divine flow & surrendering to magical surprises. 

You can already start tuning in why you are there, what’s your personal intention. FEEL it, don’t think it. If it’s unclear: also beautiful. Be surprised!

Please make sure you have been in this energy before the retreat to allow your system to open & attune before our intense time together. You can find all online next sessions here : https://sophiesunflow.com/reservation-ka-online/ & next in person sessions here : https://sophiesunflow.com/reservation-ka-bali/

Let’s allow this journey to be a beautiful, magical, cosmic, healing & empowering adventure !

I will see you there
With love, Sophie